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About us

For more than 40 years, TIA innovations GmbH has been developing software solutions for customs, foreign trade and compliance. These legally compliant and transparent software solutions support you in processing your import and export transactions and thus simplify your customs & compliance processes. Smart applications for customs processing via the IT procedure ATLAS sanctions list check, export control, preference calculation, supplier declarations and arrival confirmations facilitate efficient business processes. What that means for us: modular Customs Suite. Our software solutions are deployed both locally on site and in the cloud.

“We are experts in all matters regarding customs and create sustainable and economically viable solutions with our customers for their logistics and foreign-trade processes.”

Free passage with our dynamic overall package – our customs software portfolio

Customs and foreign trade

Economic globalisation is also reflected in ever-increasing demands on economic operators. Plans for the Union Customs Code indicate a rapidly increasing development in the direction of “internationalisation of customs clearance” and are placing ever greater demands on companies. In addition, digitalisation is advancing rapidly. Increasingly, flows of goods will have to be declared and monitored electronically, and electronic records will have to be maintained. Our Customs Suite software modules support this development:

  • ATLAS Export
  • ATLAS Import
  • NCTS Transit
  • Customs warehouse
  • Active processing
  • Passive processing
  • EMCS
  • Confirmation of arrival
  • Intrastat

Compliance and risk management

Rapid developments in economic growth and ever-increasing compliance requirements mean that responsible parties are facing ever greater challenges. Legal security in global trade requires smart and sophisticated software solutions to support these processes. Our Customs Suite software modules secure processes surrounding provision prohibitions and approval obligations:

  • Sanctions list screening
  • Export control
  • Product classification
  • Tariff and customs classification
  • Electronic customs tariff (EZT)

Origin of goods and preferences (WuP)

Determining the preferential origin of a product is usually complex and rather time-consuming. Considering global trade and the division of labour across borders in manufacturing companies, it is rarely possible to clearly identify a product as originating goods. Determining and proving origin involves a great deal of manual effort and research into complex sets of rules. With the software modules of our Customs Suite, the processes are mapped in a highly automated and legally secure manner:

  • Preference calculation
  • Supplier declarations
  • Long-term supplier declarations
  • WuP portal
  • Trade agreements
  • “Processing lists” – sets of rules of all agreements as a data service
  • Cumulation zones

TIA as part of the MHP Solution Group

TIA innovations GmbH is part of the MHP Solution Group GmbH, a leading group of companies in the logistics sector and affiliated to the Customs product division. Thanks to the comprehensive portfolio of the MHP Solution Group, the matching logistics solution can be implemented for you at every point in your value chain, completed by integrated consulting and business intelligence services.